Friday, March 8, 2013


Camper Van Beethoven – indie rock originators celebrating their 30th anniversary and first album in nine years 'La Costa Perdida' (429 Records) – have been added to the Brooklyn Vegan SXSW Day Party Wednesday at 4pm at the old Emo's (603 Red River St. at E. 6th Street).

Reviews have been ecstatic as Pitchfork called the album "delightful," Consequence of Sound "easy to love," The Newark Star-Ledger "bewitching," Pop Matters "sure to satisfy," and Blurt "a wonder to behold."

Other musicians have also toasted Camper Van Beethoven. Britt Daniel's Divine Fits have recently covered CVB's "I Was Born In a Laundromat" both in concert and as a b-side to a recent single.

"The first time we heard CVB, we knew they were destined for greatness."
- R.E.M.

"Each member of Camper is a thoughtful songwriter, and a master of his instrument, with a totally unique vision, and together they have a balanced, egoless, and dynamic chemistry that's created many of my favorite songs."
- Doug Martsch (Built To Spill)

"Camper Van Beethoven, very much an essential '80s band traveling on their own arc, punctuated the beginning of my college career. They served it up with panache. 'Sometimes,' 'I Don't See You,' 'Ambiguity Song,' 'Circles,' 'Dustpan,' 'The History of Utah,' 'Still Wishing to Course'--all songs that ended up on assorted song cassette tapes in vain attempts to increase overall coolness. They made California cool to a Virginian. It was some good, reliable shit. As they wandered east, they backed it up with great live action. They were good musicians. That was weird. They were sarcastic. That was appealing."
- Bob Nastanovich (Pavement)

"I've kind of come back to a lot of the more American music that got me going in the first place – R.E.M. and Camper Van Beethoven and all these bands that borrowed from more American traditions like Neil Young and the Byrds."
- Colin Meloy (The Decemberists)

"I've been a Camper Van Beethoven fan since the mid 80's. 'Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart' is actually one of my very favorite albums of that era and one that I still pull out now. I know this one will be a keeper"
- Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers)

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