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John Murry – the second cousin of William Faulkner whose "alluring, emotional, and infectious" (NPR World Café) album 'The Graceless Age' has been a UK sensation – has been added to the 13th Annual NON-COMMvention. He will perform May 15, joining in a stellar lineup that includes Mavis Staples, The Lone Bellow, Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, Josh Ritter, Foxygen, and David Wax Museum.

Last year's breakouts following NONCOMM included The War On Drugs and Father John Misty and 2011's breakouts included The Civil Wars, The Head & The Heart, and Justin Townes Earle.

Meanwhile, MTV Hive tabbed his 'The Graceless Age' as among "the finest folk albums of the winter of ’13."

Baeble Music called him "masterful."

Just a few weeks ago, the Mississippi-born artist sold out shows in Belfast, Glasgow, Winchester, and London, with a line of fans turned away at the latter show January 29. After a firestorm of UK raves, John Murry's 'The Graceless Age' has been confirmed for an April 2 release on Evangeline Recording Co. It's the last album produced and recorded by Tim Mooney of American Music Club and Sun Kil Moon before his death June 13, produced in collaboration with Murry.

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Camper Van Beethoven's session and interview on NPR World Café aired Thursday.

"I am impressed," says David Dye of music from 'La Costa Perdida' (429 Records) as the band plays "Too High For The Love-In," "Come Down The Coast," and "Northern California Girls." CVB talks about navigating strong personalities, northern California origins, and how reading Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Richard Brodigan, and Thomas Pynchon influenced "Come Down the Coast."

Meanwhile, the band has sold out concerts in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Philly, Boston, and Atlanta thus far this year.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


John Murry – the southern literature-inspired songwriter, William Faulkner's second cousin, and darling of UK music scene – has been named a Next artist by NPR's World Café, which praises his music as music "alluring, emotional and infectious."

Meanwhile, MTV Hive tabbed his 'The Graceless Age' as among "the finest folk albums of the winter of ’13."

Baeble Music called him "masterful."

Just a few weeks ago, the Mississippi-born artist sold out shows in Belfast, Glasgow, Winchester, and London, with a line of fans turned away at the latter show January 29. After a firestorm of UK raves, John Murry's 'The Graceless Age' has been confirmed for a April 2 release on Evangeline Recording Co. It's the last album produced and recorded by Tim Mooney of American Music Club and Sun Kil Moon before his death June 13, produced in collaboration with Murry.

'The Graceless Age' was one of eight albums nominated for The UNCUT Music Award and praise has been effusive on the other side of the pond. Murry performed Ralph MacLean's BBC show as one of his "Best of 2012" artists and Ricky Ross' BBC Scotland show in front of a live audience at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall during the tour. The Sun gave it 5 stars out of 5, saying, "Occasionally, an album comes out of nowhere that completely blows your mind. Like this one… A genuine tour de force." In another 5 star (out of 5) review, R2 called it "a genuine American masterpiece." In a 9 star (out of 10) review, UNCUT's Senior Editor, Allan Jones, described the "deeply textured… ruined grandeur," continuing, "This is what 'The Graceless Age' as a whole does so unforgettably, bearing honest witness to a burning world." and went on to later call it "second only to Bob Dylan's Tempest" among best records of 2012.

Friday, February 8, 2013

How 5 Gallons of Kerosene Saved a Blues Legend

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (February 8, 2013) — Tim Duffy, Founder of Music Maker Relief Foundation, an organization dedicated to assisting elderly Roots musicians and preserving American Traditional music, frequently thinks of his early days helping artists in Winston-Salem, NC, especially as winter is in full effect.

In 1995 a severe ice storm left many Winston-Salem residents without power as temperatures plunged. "The first day after the storm Music Maker partner artist Willa Mae Buckner, who lived in an old drafty house, was struggling to keep herself and her two giant pythons alive with blankets. The news reported that there might be outages for some days yet, and I knew we had to do something for our artists."

Tim and a friend headed to the closest hardware store and purchased several artists kerosene heaters and gallons of kerosene. Tim says, "I needed my friend John to help – driving was very hazardous, so with John along one of us could push the car when we got stuck."

"When we arrived at Music Maker artist Mr. Q's after some difficulty navigating the icy roads, we found he had been trying to drag an old wood stove into the house, and was happy to see we had brought him a safe source of heat. Willa Mae was also happy to see us, though she was more concerned about keeping her pet snakes warm."

That night the temperature dropped severely and power was still not restored to the artists Tim was working with at the time. He went to check on Willa Mae the next afternoon. "I noticed an ambulance parked in front of her neighbor's house, and Willa Mae was noticeably shaken. She told me the woman next door also had not heat and had frozen to death."

"The realization that the simple gift of a heater and kerosene might have saved Willa Mae's life gave me the inspiration to formally create Music Maker's Sustenance Program, to help artists in need, who often have nowhere else to turn."

This Holiday Season, nearly 20 years after the organization’s beginning, Music Maker is hoping to raise $25,000 in support of their Emergency Relief Fund, a part of the Sustenance Program that steps in when artists have a sudden need, such as during a natural disaster. With Music Maker’s assistance, artists can get back on their feet and continue sharing their musical talents with the world.

To find out more about Music Maker Relief Foundation, please visit www.musicmaker.org.


About Music Maker Relief Foundation:

Music Maker Relief Foundation, Inc. is a tax exempt, public charity under IRS code 501(c)3. Music Maker aims to keep our Southern culture vital by directly supporting senior (over 55) American roots musicians in need, expanding their professional careers, and providing with basic life needs so they can focus on their art. Music Maker also assists Next Generation (under 55) artists in the development of their professional careers. Since the organization’s founding in 1994, Music Maker has assisted hundreds of musicians who represent the traditions of Blues, Gospel, Old-Time String Band, Jazz and more. Music Maker’s programs ensure the talents of these cultural treasures are accessible so that our rich musical heritage can be shared with the world and preserved for future generations.

Living Blues Magazine writes, "North Carolina's Music Maker label has been digging up obscure and blissfully eccentric blues and traditional music characters for most of their 17-year existence."

Willa Mae Buckner was born on June 15th, 1922 in Augusta, Georgia. In her days as a touring performer, she was known as "The Wild Enchantress," "Princess Ejo," "The Snake Lady," and "The World’s Only Black Gypsy." During her decades-long stage career she performed as a blues singer, burlesque stripper, contortionist and fire swallower. Willa Mae was among the first recipients of aid from Music Maker Relief Foundation. We were able to provide her with funds to purchase medicine, heating oil, and placed her in a nursing home when she broke her hip. We transported her to numerous gigs including a performance at Carnegie Hall, where she received a standing ovation. We provided comfort in her final days and most sadly arranged her funeral.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Correatown – the dream-pop project of Angela Correa, which has been called one of the "next big things" by SPIN – will perform February 17 at the Smell. The all-ages show comes as the LA band prepares for a March tour of Germany. LA Weekly said, "We… fell in love with her hooky balladry… You read it here first: Angela Correa… is going to be a much loved L.A. artist in about 10 minutes."

"Turn On Turn Up" postable mp3.

"Further" music video of sun-kissed southern California landscapes.

Photos are here.

Her music is carefully assembled via drum machines, thrift store synthesizers, a reverb-soaked semi-hollowbodied guitar, and most of all, utterly gorgeous vocals, Correatown makes an airy, sound caught in late afternoon August moments. Earning comparisons to Beach House, Galaxie 500, and Spiritualized, her sweeping scope and warm sheen belie a dreamy and alluringly hypnotic soundscape.

Correatown's music video for "Play," which is chock full of silly string, crayons, face-paint, balloons, bubbles, and the band playing a DIY house show, was filmed  in conjunction with OMG! Cameras Everywhere!, a non-profit organization that hosts arts and filmmaking workshops for kids.

"Valparaiso" postable mp3.

Her songs have appeared on television in Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters, and How I Met Your Mother and in the film "The Lucky One." Her voice was featured in the Sony Pictures' "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" and she wrote and recorded the score for the film "Sassy Pants."

WHO: Correatown on a bill with Christy & Emily
WHAT: Dream-pop concert
WHEN: 7:30pm, Sunday, February 17, 2013
WHERE: The Smell, 247 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Correatown - "Turn On Turn Up" postable mp3

John Murry clips

MTV Hive - Five Folk Albums to Get You Through Winter - February 5, 2013

Spinner - John Murry, 'The Graceless Age' -- Video of the Day - Jan 28, 2013

Baeble Music -John Murry's Brooding Brand Of Country - Jan 23, 2013

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"Battles underlines the difference between a local band ascending to a national stage 
and one that's finally ready for and deserving of it." - Boston Globe 

Early Reviews For Battles 
"Best new music of the new year" - Metro New York 
"...artists releasing albums this year: the guantlet has been thrown." - Twangville 
"...could thrill Folsom prison in '68. Or CBGB in '76. Or the Cavern Club in '57." - 
"...2013 ought to be the Year of The Flood" - 
"...best albums of 2013? (Battles) will be at the top of our list." - HearYa 

Feb. 5, 2013 - Boston and DC based six-piece Kingsley Flood announce the release of their sophomore album, Battles. Released today, the album features the band's most honed, complex, and meaningful work to date. Produced by Sam Kassirer (Josh Ritter, Langhorne Slim) at Great North Sound Society, an 18th century farmhouse in southern Maine, Battles amplifies the band's pension for dynamics: rock songs that can fill music halls, quiet songs that sound two feet away. 

Featuring notes of anger and resignation, alienation and optimism, Battles asks "why do those who play by the rules always seem to fall behind?" and speaks to "a modern American dream that's constantly in danger of being pulled under by forces beyond our control, from inside and out" (Blogness on the Edge of Town) with songs inspired by everyone from delusional dictators to spray-tanned politicains to a laid off worker still packing his lunch every. Despite its subject matter, what makes the album essential listening is the music. Fan funded through a PledgeMusic campaign that raised $20,000, Battles is an album that demands to be heard start to finish, from its foreboding first track "Don't Change My Mind" to the intimate closer "This Will Not Be Easy." The songs thrive on dynamics, blending Dylan-esque songwriting, Kinks-inspired melodies, and the urgency of the Clash. 

About Kingsley Flood 
In 2010, Kingsley Flood released their first full-length, Dust Windows, generating both critical acclaim and a passionate fan base. In 2011, the band issued a six-song EP, Colder Still, with tracks that were touted by NPREsquire, and Paste, among others. The band is a two-time winner at both the Boston Music Awards and the Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll, and has opened shows for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Langhorne Slim, Angus and Julia Stone, Brett Dennen, and others. Kingsley Flood is Naseem Khuri (lead vocals, guitar), Jenee Morgan (violin, tenor sax), George Hall (lead guitar), Chris Barrett (keys, brass, percussion), Nick Balkin (bass), and Travis Richter (drums). 

Upcoming Shows 
2/9 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
3/8 - Rochester, NY - The Bug Jar 
3/9 - Buffalo, NY - Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar 
4/4 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club * 
4/12 - Providence, RI - Columbus Theater * 
4/14 - New Haven, CT - Cafe Nine * 
5/8 - Sellersville, PA - Sellersville Theater * 
5/9 - Wilmington, DE - World Cafe w/ WXPN * 

* Supporting David Wax Museum

Correatown "Further" music video



John Murry – William Faulkner's second cousin and performer of the "masterpiece" (UNCUT) 'The Graceless Age' (April 2 / Evangeline Recording Co.) – is completing his first tour of the UK and Ireland. He has sold out shows in Belfast, Glasgow, Winchester, and London, with a line of fans turned away at the latter show January 29.

Murry also performed on BBC Radio Ulster with respected DJ Ralph McLean as well as BBC Radio Scotland while UK blogs have continued to gush over 'The Graceless Age.' Mad Mackeral posted a Q&A.

Another blog, Fractured Air, called the concert "amagical night."

He's also been confirmed for the End of the Road Festival in Dorset, UK, which kicks off at the end of August.

The Belfast Telegraph termed Murry "a class apart" and he has also been the subject of features such as this on in the Oxford Times, which tell his vibrant, unbelievable story.

Some in the United States have caught on. Baeble Music posted the mp3 for "The Ballad of the Pajama Kid" alongside the music video for "California," calling Murry "masterful."

Spinner also posted the video.

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Correatown bio

Originally from the small town of Yuba City in Northern California, Correatown (aka Angela Correa) has lived and traveled over much of the world. Those explorations stay close to her, one of the reasons why the music skirts genres; it is an amalgam of fuzzed out lo-fi indie rock, early American folk and the darker tones of classic rock. Influenced as much by Elisabeth Cotton and Jack Elliot as PJ Harvey and Neil Young, Correatown brings subtle stories to life with fluid melodies and distinctive arrangements. Haunting, genuine, beautiful and sparse are words often used to describe the music of Correatown.

A much beloved fixture of L.A’s eastside music scene, Angela Correa spent the last few years gaining recognition for her shows, whether performing solo or with a full band, after relocating from her home town. Los Angeles Weekly declared “You read it here first: Angela Correa is going to be a much-loved L.A. artist.” Angela’s approach as an artist only begins with storytelling – texture, color, patterns, and design are woven into the music and the art of her albums, which she often arranges, designs and assembles by hand. Over the course of her career she has released three full-length albums, two EPs, and licensed songs to many hit TV shows, including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Without A Trace,” and “The OC,” as well as several indie films. In 2007, Angela Correa’s voice was featured as the singing voice of Jenna Fischer’s character Darlene in the Sony Pictures film “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” on the songs “Let’s Duet,” “Darling,” and “Beautiful Ride.” She has toured the West Coast extensively, as well as parts of the Midwest and East Coast. In Fall 2009, she toured Europe accompanying Tom Brosseau. Most recently, Correatown released the full length album “Spark. Burn. Fade.” on limited edition 180 gram clear vinyl in August 2009 (as well as digitally in May 2009). Correatown is published by Chrysalis Music Group.

Angela Correa toured with her side project, Les Shelleys in 2010. A collaboration with FatCat recording artist Tom Brosseau, their debut album was released November 8th, 2010 by FatCat Records in the United Kingdom.

“Correa could sing the horoscopes and draw you in…”-Popmatters.com

“…she’s become one of our favorites, quietly building a following of slo-folk enthusiasts, murder ballad aficionados, and people who just love a purty voice. And since we fall under all those categories, it was perhaps destiny that we would fall madly in love with Angela Correa. “ -LA Underground

“There’s an inescapably seductive quality to Angela Correa’s songs…” -Splendid Ezine

“If she’s a folk singer then she’s the darkest folk singer you’ll have heard for a while and if she’s a country artist then she mines depths that even three chords and a truth rarely manage. But whichever genre you choose to place her in, one thing is certain, you’ll never have heard anything quite like her before.”-Americana UK

“We just got Angela Correa’s mysterious self-released CD, Correatown, in the mail and fell in love with her hooky balladry and vulnerable, slightly twangy vocals. You read it here first: Angela Correa, who just moved here from San Diego, is going to be a much loved L.A. artist in about 10 minutes.”-LA Weekly

“An unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and independence has helped Correa generate a thoughtful, intuitive catalog of songs that appeals to virtually anyone with an ear for subtle beauty.”- Salt Lake City Weekly

“…decidedly heartfelt take on human interaction… Her vocals (a girl-next-door Regina Spektor) and storytelling (lyrically twining but never elliptical) suit her subject matter.”- Los Angeles Times Buzz Bands

Correatown photos

Credit: Hayley Murphy

Correatown clips

Download SPIN's CMJ 2012 Mixtape: The 46 Next Big Things (October 17, 2012)



Corb Lund – the songwriting descendent of three generations of Albertan ranchers who used to play metal and punk music – is the subject of a new museum exhibition of Calgary's Glenbow Museum. Meanwhile, he kicks off a U.S. tour on February 6. Corb Lund's 'Cabin Fever' (New West) hit #1 on the Canadian Top 200 and #4 on the U.S. Americana radio chart.

From gambling to Mormonism, foothills ranching to early prohibition, and the early days of oil drilling to the toils of veterinary medicine on the prairies, "No Roads Here: Corb Lund’s Alberta" is a personal exploration into the sometimes familiar but often unexpected details of Alberta’s heritage.

Corb Lund is a Juno-winning musician who, together with his band, the Hurtin’ Albertans, has won the hearts of fans across North America with songs that tell enthralling stories and music that ranges from rockabilly to Western swing, cowboy balladry to country-rock. He is also known to throw in an occasional yodel.

Lund’s own experience of growing up on horseback and raising cattle with his parents and grandparents in southern Alberta’s foothills and prairies was reflected by Glenbow artifacts highlighting Alberta’s rich ranching past. And images of his grandfather, two great uncles and an aunt in Glenbow’s Archives illustrate only a few of the Lund family’s contributions to Alberta’s rodeo history. He rodeoed as a youngster and won his first prize money riding steers at age 10.

Nine songs written by Lund, culled from four of his albums, provided the inspiration for the exhibition. Chosen because they best represent Lund’s unique take on Alberta, its history and its character, each song connects to a larger theme within the exhibition.


Feb. 6, 2013    Atlanta, GA             Smith’s Olde Bar                -
Feb. 7, 2013    Chattanooga, TN         Rhythm and Brews                -
Feb. 8, 2013    Knoxville, TN   Barley’s                -
Feb. 9, 2013    Nashville, TN           Exit/In                 -
Feb. 12, 2013   Charlotte, NC           The Evening Muse                -
Feb. 13, 2013   Greenville, SC  The Handlebar           -
Feb. 14, 2013   Raleigh, NC             Berkeley Cafe           -
Feb. 15, 2013   Roanoke, VA             Kirk Avenue Music Hall          -
Feb. 16, 2013   Asheville, NC           Emerald Lounge          -
Feb. 20, 2013   Wilmington, DE  World Café Live at The Queen            -
Feb. 21, 2013   New York, NY    Joe’s Pub               -
Feb. 22, 2013   Washington, DC  Hill Country BBQ                -
Feb. 24, 2013   Charleston, WV  Mountain Stage, Culture Center Theater

At the Glenbow Museum, intriguing stories from Western Canada connect with extraordinary art and artifacts from around the world. Combining a museum, art gallery, library and archives all under one roof, Glenbow boasts over a million artifacts and some 28,000 works of art in its vast collections and is one of the largest museums in Canada. Through a variety of dynamic programs and changing exhibitions and programs, and a broad collection of art, artifacts and historical documents, Glenbow Museum builds on a commitment to preserve our cultural and western heritage while simultaneously providing visitors with a glimpse of the world beyond.

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Camper Van Beethoven's 'La Costa Perdida' (429 Records) debuted at #174 on the Billboard Top 200, #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and #1 on the Alternative New Artist Album chart this week, the band's highest showing since 1989. MTV Hive did a Q&A with David Lowery.

Great reviews have come in since last week:

"'La Costa Perdida?' Maybe we are all lost here. But David Lowery and his Camper cohorts, after all these years, find it a very rich place in which to be lost, or be one of the lost."
– Steve Hochman, NPR California Report, January 25-27, 2013

"Lowery and company still know their way around a smart pop song or two."
– Mark Lore, Paste Magazine, January 22, 2013

"Focused and strikingly sincere California pop."
-- Annie Zaleski, eMusic, January 8, 2013

"'La Costa Perdida'… has all the complexity and amusing bafflement that the band has been known for… it skillfully puts together all the elements that make CVB so indescribably great."
– Ted Chase, QRO Mag, January 21, 2013

"When the Campers get cranking, they're a wonder to behold."
– Lee Zimmerman, Blurt, Jan. 22, 2013

Other journalists focused on the band's legacy, on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary this year. Paste said, "Those first five studio albums—released in the four-year span prior to CVB’s decade-long hiatus—are damn-near spotless." Philadelphia Inquirer said, "Even if 1989's tune 'Sweethearts' sounds like something out of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, remember that CVB made it in 1989, before Jeff Tweedy was even in Uncle Tupelo, much less Wilco."

CVB Tour dates:

Thu Feb 14 - Burnsville PAC - Minneapolis MN (w/ Cracker)
Sat Feb 16 - Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco CA
Sun Feb 17 - Hopmonk - Novato, Novato, CA
Mon Feb 18 - Odd Fellows Hall - Davis CA
Thurs Feb 21 – Hollywood, CA – House of Blues (w/ Leftover Salmon)
Fri Feb 22 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle WA
Sat Feb 23 - Mississippi Studios - Portland OR