Friday, August 23, 2013


lutEase – a tool that helps young flute players to attain a tone – will launch September 15, accompanying the start of the school year. The product, which has been likened to training wheels for the flute, was designed and patented by 12-year music teaching veteran Christopher Nowselski.

The FlutEase is small device made of molded soft plastic that attaches to the head joint of a flute and positions the mouth so that a sound can be made instantly. Here's a demonstration of a two year old using the FlutEase to make a sound on the instrument.

Check out a picture here.

Nowselski says, "FlutEase came about in response to a need I saw in music education. I teach third through twelfth graders, and a continuing problem I encounter is beginner flute players often struggle at first to make a sound. They have difficulty positioning their mouth and quickly become frustrated. After a few weeks of this frustration, the children, and adult beginners alike, quit the instrument, without ever really beginning it! The first months of playing flute should be joyous and exciting, rather than anxiety-ridden."

FlutEase is a small attachment that slides onto the lip plate of the flute (where the student blows). FlutEase holds the mouth in the proper playing position, allowing notes to be played at the first lesson.

The body of the FlutEase is a durable medical-grade soft plastic, which wraps around a head the head joint of the flute. The FlutEase measures nearly a square of 2 inches by 1.5 inches. It is lightweight (a few ounces), nimble and assembled and packaged entirely in the United States.

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