Friday, January 17, 2014

Kristin Mueller bio

"Mueller's fabulous songs vibe Cowboy Junkies and Calexico - with a beautiful voice she invokes intimacy and elegance. Dig that banjo."- VillageVoice

"There is real promise here. The songs take their sweet old time to unfurl under Mueller's steady vocals." - Time Out NY
"Mueller is a linguist on the kit. Creative, emotive and skillful - NYC staple." Tom Tom Magazine

Kristin Mueller is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter based in the Brooklyn/NYC area who plays her guitar upside down. Known for her stylistic drumming, she has toured throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia as well as the Middle East, supporting bands and artists such as Lucinda Black Bear, Jeffrey Lewis, the Caulfield Sisters, Fulton Lights, Cynthia Hopkins, Christy & Emily, Mary McBride and Michael Hearst among many others. Her newest solo album Deserts and Long Trails marks the second record composed by Mueller featuring new and long time collaborations with Karen Waltuch (Viola: Jim O'Rourke, Beth Orten, Wilco), Brian Kantor (Drums: Nina Pierson, the Yellowbirds) Jay Foote (Bass: Lone Bellow, Trixie Whitely) Jay Russo (Guitar: Hopewell, Mercury Rev) and many more.  Together with Mueller's producer Damon Whittemore they crafted an intricate and beautifully layered collection of spectral songs that are both sensuous and nostalgic, sorrowful and loudly playful - resulting in a diverse, cinematic and meandering journey of dynamic unconvering. The albums hinges on Mueller's exploration of the quiet intimate weight of time and it's ever passing - it is inspired by this inescapable permanence and by the alternate influences of the many characters and collaborators Mueller has known.

Mueller's song "Finding a woman" from Ports of Call (2006)  was featured in the Sundance award winning film, 'What Alice Found'.
Previous credits:

Year          Album                        Artist                              Credit
2014        Deserts & Long Trails Kristin Mueller                writer/composer/guitar/bass/keys/drums/banjo
2013        Holte                           Patricia Thornley            drummer
2012        Tic-Tac-Toe                 Christy and Emily           drummer
2011        Hurricane                    Anton Sword                   drummer
2010        Knives                         Lucinda Black Bear        drummer
2009        Success of Failure      Cynthia Hopkins             drummer
2009        City of Oblivion           Anton Sword                   drummer
2008        Must Don't Whip Um   Cynthia Hopkins             drummer
2007        Divine Candy              Caulfield Sisters              drummer
2007        Capo My Heart            Lucinda Black Bear        drummer
2006        Ports of Call single      Kristin Mueller                writer/composer/guitar/banjo/drums
2005        Accidental Nostalgia   Cynthia Hopkins             drummer
2004        Say it with Fire            Caulfield Sisters             drummer
2003        French Hotel               Hidden Driveways           drummer

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