Monday, January 11, 2016

Fellow Creatures bio

Part circuit-bending weirdos, part unabashed pop stars, Fellow Creatures emerged from the remains of the beloved Ugly Purple Sweater in late 2014 and quickly became known as one of Washington, DC’s most distinctive and  compelling live bands. Centered on the deft vocal harmonizing and genre-blurring songwriting of Sam McCormally and Will McKindley-Ward, Fellow Creatures makes an impression with their layered, intricate arrangements and propulsive rhythm section of David Greer (drums) and Rishi Chakrabarty (bass). The band’s eclectic, physical sensibility has earned comparisons with the Talking Heads and Yeasayer.

Fellow Creatures' debut, eponymous album, co-produced with composer Louis Weeks and due out in early 2016, captures the band’s range and inventiveness. Powerful drums, pulsing synths, and guitar squalls coexist with soaring vocal harmonies, Afrobeat-inspired rhythm guitar, and the occasional flourish of toy piano. But it’s the band’s songwriting that makes it stand out; from the primordial soup anthem "Silurian Stomp" to the funky ouija board of "Seance," the songs stay centered around strong, memorable melodies and deft turns of phrase. Fellow Creatures is a statement about doubt and uncertainty whose creativity never obscures its approachability.

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