Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Caithlin De Marrais "Belong" MP3

My favorite song on Caithlin De Marrais' (former vocalist/bassist for Rainer Maria new album 'Red Coats' (Nov 8 on End Up Records) is "Belong." Here's a postable mp3.

Caithlin describes it as "an allegorical song that carries a warning. If you love a sailor, you might lose him to the sea. And if you love an artist you might lose him to his art. Loss is a recurring theme in this album, and this song is no exception."

She continues "I sail and also have a deep respect for the sea. My recurring nightmares are usually about loss and sometimes about water." Other themes she sees in the new album -- "Memories. Abandoned places. Lost people. Loss of self. Finding tenderness. Fighting against total surrender. Surrendering anyway."

I love the tense, staccato rhythms of this song with her lovely melody floating above it.

Recorded at Saltlands Studio in Brooklyn, NY the way the song "Rocked and swayed a little in the studio reminded me of (De Marrais' former band) Rainer Maria."

Josh Kaufman (coproducer and member of Yellowbirds and Rocketship Park) played a vast array of instruments on the record. On this song alone he played the Juno-6, Casio keyboard, Rhodes electric piano, bass guitar, and additional drums. "His ideas were busting out faster than we could put them to tape," exclaims Caithlin.

The Village Voice previewed De Marrais' CMJ show, saying, "The former Rainer Maria frontwoman has a new solo album coming next month, Red Coats, and it reduces her old band’s emo-rock blare to a quieter roar, surrounding de Marrais’ uncommonly expressive singing with tense little clicks and buzzes, slyly destabilizing where Rainer Maria once aimed to knock off socks."

Here's some fan video of another tune from the album:

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