Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The roots of Sons of Fathers dig deep, back two generations in fact to Paul Cauthen’s grandfather Jim Paul Cauthen. “My granddad is the force inside of me that keeps me motivated. He’s the reason I play,” says Cauthen, who was named for him.

He remembers, “My grandfather was a man of wisdom, who made the choice of the spiritual life rather than rock and roll. He sang in every Church of Christ this side of the Mason-Dixon line! I will always be grateful for the a cappella singing that he taught me. I learned harmonies when I was 5 years old or so, and was singing them in the bathtub by the age of six years old in Tyler, TX.”

Paul continues, “I was exposed to old gospel songs: ‘Wings of a Dove,’ ‘Old Rugged Cross,’ ‘Amazing Grace.’ Then he opened my eyes to Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Buddy Holly. He was best friends with Sonny Curtis [Holly’s lead guitarist] and he knew Buddy. Granddad played music with all of the old west Texas boys.”

He exclaims, “His voice was huge. Once, he was singing along in the audience at an Everly Brothers concert and they pulled him onstage to join them.”

Jim Paul was such an influence on Paul’s life that he has the man’s signature tattooed on his forearm. But his example goes well beyond music. Paul says, “Most importantly my Grandfather taught me how to live for more than myself. He taught me to live for God, family, and a good song.”

Sons of Fathers will perform at Philadelphia’s Tin Angel October 8; Brooklyn’s Freddy’s Bar October 12; Brooklyn’s Branded Saloon October 14; and Brooklyn’s Southpaw October 15.

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