Monday, February 4, 2013

Correatown bio

Originally from the small town of Yuba City in Northern California, Correatown (aka Angela Correa) has lived and traveled over much of the world. Those explorations stay close to her, one of the reasons why the music skirts genres; it is an amalgam of fuzzed out lo-fi indie rock, early American folk and the darker tones of classic rock. Influenced as much by Elisabeth Cotton and Jack Elliot as PJ Harvey and Neil Young, Correatown brings subtle stories to life with fluid melodies and distinctive arrangements. Haunting, genuine, beautiful and sparse are words often used to describe the music of Correatown.

A much beloved fixture of L.A’s eastside music scene, Angela Correa spent the last few years gaining recognition for her shows, whether performing solo or with a full band, after relocating from her home town. Los Angeles Weekly declared “You read it here first: Angela Correa is going to be a much-loved L.A. artist.” Angela’s approach as an artist only begins with storytelling – texture, color, patterns, and design are woven into the music and the art of her albums, which she often arranges, designs and assembles by hand. Over the course of her career she has released three full-length albums, two EPs, and licensed songs to many hit TV shows, including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Without A Trace,” and “The OC,” as well as several indie films. In 2007, Angela Correa’s voice was featured as the singing voice of Jenna Fischer’s character Darlene in the Sony Pictures film “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” on the songs “Let’s Duet,” “Darling,” and “Beautiful Ride.” She has toured the West Coast extensively, as well as parts of the Midwest and East Coast. In Fall 2009, she toured Europe accompanying Tom Brosseau. Most recently, Correatown released the full length album “Spark. Burn. Fade.” on limited edition 180 gram clear vinyl in August 2009 (as well as digitally in May 2009). Correatown is published by Chrysalis Music Group.

Angela Correa toured with her side project, Les Shelleys in 2010. A collaboration with FatCat recording artist Tom Brosseau, their debut album was released November 8th, 2010 by FatCat Records in the United Kingdom.

“Correa could sing the horoscopes and draw you in…”

“…she’s become one of our favorites, quietly building a following of slo-folk enthusiasts, murder ballad aficionados, and people who just love a purty voice. And since we fall under all those categories, it was perhaps destiny that we would fall madly in love with Angela Correa. “ -LA Underground

“There’s an inescapably seductive quality to Angela Correa’s songs…” -Splendid Ezine

“If she’s a folk singer then she’s the darkest folk singer you’ll have heard for a while and if she’s a country artist then she mines depths that even three chords and a truth rarely manage. But whichever genre you choose to place her in, one thing is certain, you’ll never have heard anything quite like her before.”-Americana UK

“We just got Angela Correa’s mysterious self-released CD, Correatown, in the mail and fell in love with her hooky balladry and vulnerable, slightly twangy vocals. You read it here first: Angela Correa, who just moved here from San Diego, is going to be a much loved L.A. artist in about 10 minutes.”-LA Weekly

“An unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and independence has helped Correa generate a thoughtful, intuitive catalog of songs that appeals to virtually anyone with an ear for subtle beauty.”- Salt Lake City Weekly

“…decidedly heartfelt take on human interaction… Her vocals (a girl-next-door Regina Spektor) and storytelling (lyrically twining but never elliptical) suit her subject matter.”- Los Angeles Times Buzz Bands

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