Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Craig Breslow, CEO of The Strike 3 Foundation, announced that on October 10, 2015, the foundation that was launched by Breslow in 2008 to heighten awareness, mobilize support and raise funds for cancer research, will be holding a one day WIFFLE® Ball Tournament, that Breslow will host.

The tournament will take place at Little Fenway in Essex, Vermont. One playing field, exclusively designed for WIFFLE Ball games, is a quarter of the size of Boston’s Fenway Park, which it replicates.  The facility has two other fields as well – Little Wrigley and Little Field of Dreams, both of which will also be used in the tournament. Participation of 10 to 12 teams will be supported by individual or team sponsors. To qualify for participation, each team is charged with raising from $3,000 to $5,000 in sponsor donations and pay a $350 registration fee. Admission to the games will be free.

Craig Breslow explained, “This is our first WIFFLE Ball Tournament, marking a sport which keeps growing in popularity with each passing year. We are optimistic that we will attract sponsors who want to support the Strike 3 Foundation’s ongoing efforts to raise funds for pediatric cancer research. Although we have made great strides, the Strike 3 Foundation can only continue to prosper with the strong support of a generous community of donors and sponsors.”

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