Wednesday, May 25, 2016


On June 3, Brooklyn-based recording studio, The Creamery, will release volume one of its series, The Creamery Mixtape, featuring ten cherry-picked artists rising to the top of the Brooklyn music scene. Los Hacheros, Alpenglow, Live Footage and Uni Ika Ai are a few of the groups to appear. The release showcases a wide variety of the city’s musical genres, putting them in concert under one sonic umbrella.

Producer/engineers Quinn McCarthy and Jeff Fettig, who operate the studio, took the project on almost as a dare. Over a short three-day period during this year’s CMJ music festival in New York, each of the ten groups came through the studio in three hour slots to record a few songs, live to tape.
“It was about finding the right groups who could play and have a sound,” Fettig recalls. McCarthy followed, “We made up our minds before we even started that this wasn’t going to be about producing each band and each song to sound its ‘best.’ Studios are always trying to market their mixes as ear candy. Of course, pushing a band to its stylistic apex is a skill and it’s a logical goal, but so many of the records we love aren’t about technical perfection, it’s about capturing a creative performance and an artistic vision.” The songs were recorded in this way to capture the spontaneous and organic feel of live recording, with the goal of creating a listening experience that blends modern artists with old-school recording styles.

To help create a sonic palette that united each artist, McCarthy and Fettig encouraged them to share instruments and gear with each other, utilizing the same drum set and amplifiers used on a salsa number and for an electronic duo. For the most part, the bands played to the vibe of the room without headphones. Though often an uncommon philosophy, for this session they felt that bleed between instruments is not only ok, but a basis for the sound, with every mic in the room also doubled as a ‘room mic.’ The sounds went straight into their 1985 Tascam MS-16 Tape Machine with minimal mixing in post, leaving nearly everything as it sounded in the room.

The Creamery Mixtape trancends genre and trend, it carries the energy of the studio and the honesty of the moment. It’s as fun to listen to as it was to record.

Featuring: Wolf!, Alpenglow, Los Hacheros, Miay Folick, Uni Ika Ai, Tim Porbaix, Toebow, Vassals, Live Footage, and Whitney Lockert.

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