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With his full-length label debut ‘Pile Driver’ (Signature Sounds) out this week, The Suitcase Junket is extending his tour to include tastemaker venues like NYC’s Mercury Lounge and Cambridge, MA’s Sinclair as well as several festivals. He has taped a session for Relix, displaying the homemade pieces of his band, including a baby shoe hitting a gas can and a box of silverware and bones.

Here’s the early word on ‘Pile Driver’ from press and other artists alike:

"Honest, original, and energetic in its blending of garage rock and Americana... The atmosphere of this album maintains a thread of focus, but delivers twelve tracks that each demonstrate his unique capacity to mix a sense of a folk foundation with lo-fi guitar sounds and a found-object feel."
- Magdalene Taylor, Brooklyn Vegan, April 20, 2017

"I peg him as a weird hybrid of Mississippi-born one-man band Doctor Ross and Americana rocker Langhorne Slim. The Suitcase Junket’s 2017 track 'Evangeline' also sounds a bit like something from Tom Waits’ workbook, which isn’t a bad thing. His forthcoming album, Pile Driver, promises to go places even Doctor Ross couldn’t navigate." – Edd Hurt, Nashville Scene, March 30, 2017

"Lorenz's songs are carefully constructed pieces of rock and American... The found percussion increases Lorenz’s idiosyncracy, and enhances that atmosphere... Lorenz’s songs carry themselves, aside from backstory or unique sounds, relying on his storytelling and melodies. The fact that he’s sonically inventive is just a bonus."
- Justin Cober-Lake, Dusted Magazine, April 28, 2017

"Completely original show, songs from the heart, melodies you'll sing for days. Definitely go check out a show." – Chris Vos, The Record Company

"a thoroughly entertaining record... The Suitcase Junket is well worth listening to... This junkyard set up would be the most interesting thing about Lorenz if he didn’t have songwriting chops. Fortunately, Lorenz’s skills are considerable and the list of weird equipment operates mostly as an effective hook to bring in the curious."
-Chris Conaton, Pop Matters, April 27, 2017

"The Suitcase Junket crafts beautiful music out of items found in
trash." Jim Farber, Real Clear Life, May 9, 2017

"Vast talents... dirty, raw." - Pure Volume, March 6, 2017
"Lorenz isn’t your traditional Americana musician, not by a long shot... Would fit in nicely on a playlist alongside artists such as Shovels & Rope and the Drive-By Truckers." - Amy McCarthy, The Boot, March 16, 2017

"This guy's a maniac -- a one-man band, dumpster-guitar-playing maniac. Strumming a salvaged guitar, banging on a box of cutlery, and releasing a dynamite voice, The Suitcase Junket is the real deal -- and one of the most electric souls we've ever seen on stage. 'Sounds like Jack White,' you're thinking. You ain't wrong."
- Fresh Grass Festival (Sept 16-17)

“Matt Lorenz is, as Suitcase Junket, one of the most startlingly original and inventive solo artists I've ever heard.” – Chris Smither

"I couldn't tell you exactly why I find The [Suitcase] Junket so intriguing but I do. Creativity...Musicianship, for sure. Songwriting. Every time I sit through Pile Driver I wonder. Every time, though, I move." 
- Frank Gutch, Jr., No Depression, May 14, 2017

“The Suitcase Junket is one of the natural wonders of the world. Incandescent creativity, in every direction. I have never seen anything like him before, and I expect I never will again. Sui generis. Holy good goddamn, people.” – Peter Mulvey

"Pursuing your musical career as a one-man band takes a high level of charisma and stamina if you want to keep your audience entertained. Luckily, Matt Lorenz possesses both of those things and he puts them to use as the Suitcase Junket. The New England musician is also talented as a craftsman and as a lyricist... Using his makeshift instruments, Lorenz creates electric music that walks the line between rock and roll and Americana." - Glide Mag, February 13, 2017

"Now this is the shit I'm talking about, Jack. The Suitcase Junket is a lo-fi, low-tuned, low-down blast of end-times folk blues. It's crude; it's magnificent. With a stage set-up that resembles a junkyard foley stage or Fred Sanford's living room, The Suitcase Junket — one man band leader Matt Lorenz — incants and intones like a cross between Hound Dog Taylor and a Tuvan throat singer who has swallowed a bird. Take the singer-songwriter idiom, give it a low grade fever and a guitar and this is what you get. Captivating, mesmerizing, and gone ... real gone." – Frank De Blase, Rochester (NY) City Newspaper, January 13, 2016

"Amazing, unique."
- Rege Behe, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, January 11, 2017

“Jaw-dropping... He does it all so well. It’s the biggest sound i’ve ever heard come from a solo performer. Matt is definitely his own thing and it is something. The live experience is pretty, darn unforgettable.”
- Kevin Cubbins, Beale Street Caravan, May 10, 2017

The Suitcase Junket Tour Dates

April 18 – Avalon Theater – Easton, MD
April 19 – Gypsy Sally’s – Washington, D.C.
April 20 – Basin & Main – Honesdale, MD
April 21 – The Shea Theater – Turner Falls, MA
April 27 – Abilene – Rochester, NY
April 28 – The Linda – Albany, NY
April 29 – The Narrows – Fall River, MA
May 3 – Shitty Barn – Spring Green, WI
May 5 – Hi-Fi – Indianapolis, IN
May 8 - The Musical Instrument Museum - Phoenix, AZ (w/ Tift Merritt)
May 10 - Bootleg Front Room - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Tift Merritt)
May 11 - Swedish American Hall - San Francisco, CA (w/ Tift Merritt)
May 12 – Vintage Wine Bar – Redding, CA
May 13 - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR (w/ Tift Merritt)
May 14 - The Triple Door - Seattle, WA (w/ Tift Merritt)
May 16 - The Soiled Dove - Denver, CO (w/ Tift Merritt)
May 18 – The Turf Club – St. Paul, MN
May 19 – House Concert – Des Moines, IA
May 21 – Elk Creek – Milheim, PA
May 24 – The Purple Fiddle – Thomas, WV
May 25 – The McNemar House – Buckhannon, WV
May 26 - Jewel City Jamboree - Huntington, WV
May 28 – Virginia Arts Festival FRINGE – Norfolk, VA
May 31 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA
June 1 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
June 3 – Club Helsinki – Hudson, NY
June 10 – Roots on the River – Bellows Falls, VT
June 14 – Café Nine – New Haven, CT
June 16 - Stone Mountain Arts Center - Brownfield, ME               
June 17 - Clearwater Festival  - Croton-On-Hudson, NY
July 2 - Great Blue Heron Music Festival - Sherman, NY  
July 7-9 - Winnipeg Folk Festival – Winnipeg, Canada
July 14 - Red Wing Roots Music Festival  - Mount Solon, VA
July 27-28 – FloydFest – Floyd, VA
September 16-17 – FreshGrass Festival – North Adams, MA

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