Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Caithlin De Marrais shreds vocal cords in homage to Patti Smith, Scorsese

Caithlin De Marrais (formerly bassist/singer from Rainer Maria) totally shredded her vocal cords recording "Hot Day," an homage to Patti Smith's Horses and 1970s era crime films. Caithlin says, "Tears were streaming down my face during tracking. There was a feeling of desperation in the lyrics and I was reckless in a way I hadn't been since the early days of Rainer Maria when I would regularly lose my voice on tour." I love the scorching fuzz bass and her all-out belting.

Check out "Hot Day" on MTV Hive.

Hear the entire album streaming at Magnet's website.

"The primal yell in there is about running away from responsibility," Caithlin continues, "'Horses' was destined to be in my record collection. I loved Mapplethorpe, Blondie, Talking Heads and hanging out in the Village as a teenager. Now I relate to 'Horses' totally differently. It sounds old and wise to me, like a force of nature that won't be silenced."

Simultaneously "Hot Day" was influenced by soundtracks to 1970s era crime dramas "The French Connection," "Taxi Driver," and "Dirty Harry." Caithlin's Wurlitzer and Ray Saperstein's cornet pay homage to those moody, dark masterpieces.

New Yorkers: Caithlin is playing tonight at Union Hall at 10pm. Please let me know if you'd like to be on the guest list.

Advance praise for the new album:

"The former Rainer Maria frontwoman has a new solo album coming next month, Red Coats, and it reduces her old band’s emo-rock blare to a quieter roar, surrounding De Marrais’ uncommonly expressive singing with tense little clicks and buzzes, slyly destabilizing where Rainer Maria once aimed to knock off socks." -- The Village Voice

"Beguiling." – The New Yorker

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