Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Listen Dammit blog, Nick Loss-Eaton Media, and Highline Records will host a free CMJ day party at Skinny Dennis in Brooklyn, NY on October 19, 2013. Curated by Eric Danton of Listen Dammit and Loss-Eaton, here's the lineup:

12:30 Modern Merchant

The haunting melodies and pulse-like rhythms of Brooklyn-based quartet Modern Merchant will get you a bit dazed and glassy-eyed. Layered harmonies and dynamic shifts work to create a soundscape that's at once experimental yet grounded in pop sensibilities.

1 Leland Sundries

“Not only does Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton write richly detailed, sepia-toned tunes that layer America then and now atop one another like a ghostly palimpsest, he’s just as handy at knocking out Johnny Cash-worthy trifles like ‘Giving Up Redheads.’ His quartet has been spending a lot of quality road time lately, so expect them to be well-marinated for this homecoming gig.” – The Village Voice

1:30 Shelby Earl

Named the "#1 Outstanding 2011 Album You Might Have Missed" by Amazon.com, Shelby Earl's debut solo album, Burn the Boats (produced by John Roderick of The Long Winters and released in November 2011 on Local 638 Records) inspired NPR/LA Times Ann Powers to dub Earl her "new favorite songwriter" (see below for full letter from Miss Powers). Collaborators on the album include members of The Long Winters, Telekinesis, (former) Fleet Foxes, The Head and the Heart, the Maldives and more. Earl has since shared stages with everyone from Benjamin Gibbard, Rhett Miller and Lavender Diamond to Loudon Wainwright III, Crooked Fingers and the White Buffalo. Earl's sophomore solo album Swift Arrows (produced by Damien Jurado), was released July 23, 2013 and is fast earning critical acclaim.

2:15 Jay Arner

Every sound you hear on his eponymous debut album — due out this summer through Mint Records — was self-recorded by Arner in his 72-square-foot practice space using a precariously perched desktop computer and his home recording gear. The sum of his many talents, these 10 songs sizzle with DIY energy and encompass the scope of the songwriter’s diverse resume. Opener “Midnight on South Granville” sets a dark tone with its coldly mechanical intro before flourishing into a lush post-punk synthscape that reflects Arner’s love of analogue electronics. Elsewhere, the bass-heavy pulse of “Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)” draws on ’70s pseudo-funk, while “Wildest One” is an abrasive surge of distortion and “Don’t Remind Me” is a soaring pop anthem that recalls classic Murderrecords songcraft. The lyrics are filled with self-doubt and wry cynicism, but don’t expect confessional heartbreak — these timeless melodies and intricately wrought arrangements are filled with noisy pop sweetness, and there’s not an acoustic guitar to be found.

3 John Murry

John Murry -- the Bay Area-based second cousin of William Faulkner's who makes incredible Southern indie-noir music – is touring in October opening for Shuggie Otis. It cements his status as a national act in 2013: NPR "World Café Next" artist and a "breakout" (NPR Here & Now); sold out UK shows; 5-star reviews in the Guardian and MOJO; playing festivals in the UK and California; a Weir Here taping curated by Bob Weir; raves from MTV Hive, Black Book, Wall Street Journal, Esquire, Daytrotter, American Songwriter, San Jose Mercury, and Baeble Music; and signing with Windish Agency. He will also tape NPR's Beale Street Caravan performance show during a headlining performance in his former hometown of Memphis, TN, October 5. It'll be his third NPR taping of the year.

3:45 Wry Climate

NY indie rock/shoegave band Wry Climate has been compared to Sonic Youth, Lotus Plaza, Pavement, MBV, Dirty Projectors, Real Estate, and Deerhunter, combining jangly electric guitars with amp feedback and digital delay noise effects. Based in Brooklyn and Purchase, NY, Wry Climate is the project of Dan Nelson and friends.

4:30 Defibulators

The Defibulators, described alternately as "Hee-Haw on mescaline" and "CBGB-meets-Grand Ole Opry," released 'Debt'll Get'em,' the follow up to their acclaimed 2009 debut 'Corn Money,' on August 27th. Recorded in Woodstock with D. James Goodwin and Eli Walker and Brooklyn with co-producer Brian Bender (Langhorne Slim, Jose James), the album is an au courant, urban take on classic country, channeling the frenetic energy of their legendary live shows into tight, punchy hooks and foot-stomping sing-alongs.

5:15 Kingsley Flood

Kingsley Flood – the band whose Newport set grabbed the attention of NPR Music, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Paste – are having a breakout year. Drawing comparisons to The Replacements, Deer Tick, Lucero, Wilco, and the Clash, the band's six members tore up the stage in a misting rain, with lead singer Naseem Khuri ripping at his guitar while Jenée Morgan Force alternated between violin and saxophone, forming an impromptu horn section with keyboardist Chris Barrett picking up the trumpet. NPR Music streamed the set.

About Listen Dammit

Listen, Dammit was founded in 2009 by Eric R. Danton, who was rock critic at the Hartford Courant in Connecticut from 2002-2012. He also writes for RollingStone.com, Salon, The Wall Street Journal, and M Music & Musicians magazine.

About Nick Loss-Eaton Media

Nick Loss-Eaton has been a freelance music publicist since April, 2011 and previously, at Shore Fire Media since 2005, most recently as Director of Publicity.

About Highline Records

Highline Records started in London in 2011 by Heather Willensky, who wanted to return to her indie roots after working at EMI Music Publishing. With a roster focused on brilliant songwriters, Highline has released albums in the UK, Europe and North America by Correatown, Still Flyin', Piney Gir, Western Lows, Sweet Lights and Ralfe Band amongst others, and publishes The Ladybug Transistor, Tim Ten Yen, Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou and Dennis Hopper Choppers.

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